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DS-8824 - Iwatsu Digital Oscilloscopes

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  • Model: DS-8824
  • Manufactured by: Iwatsu
  • Bandwidth: 150.0MHz
  • Channels: 4
  • Sample Rate: 400.00MSa/sec
  • Extra Specifications: Digital Oscilloscope
  • 150 MHz guaranteed at the probe tip on all channels
  • Program functions:  Instant up/down scrolling and switching of 10 different panel settings is possible using dedicated keys. These program functions are truly useful for successive waveform monitoring while switching the preset panel settings, for example in the following situations: 
    • Factory production lines
    • Training sites where time is too limited to teach equipment operation
    • Debugging work during circuit development 
  • 24 automatic measurement functions. In addition to the existing 13 measurement functions, area calculation, pulse count, and various other functions have been added in response to customer requests. 
  • 100 k-point large-capacity memory
  • FFT function. Choose from 3 windows (rectangular, Hanning, flat top)
  • Outstanding cost performance 
  • Equipped with RS-232 I/F, PC card slot
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