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HD17935 - HD Communications Corp Amplifiers

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  • Model: HD17935
  • Manufactured by: HD Communications Corp
  • Frequency Range - High: 4.00GHz
  • Output - Compression: 80 watt
  • Gain: 50.0dB
  • Extra Specifications: Solid state amplifier

Suitable for S-Band linear applications, the HD17935 is utilizing advanced GaAsFET power devices that provide excellent linearity, high gain, and wide dynamic range. Exceptional performance, long term reliability, and high efficiency are achieved by employing advanced broadband RF matching networks and combining techniques, built in high quality power supply, EMI/RFI filters, custom-machined housing, and qualified components.

  • Solid-state linear design ß Instantaneous ultra broadband
  • Small form factor and lightweight
  • Standard front panel manual gain adjust
  • Suitable for all modulations CW/FM/PM/AM/Pulse/Digital
  • 50 Ohm Input/Output impedance
  • High reliability and ruggedness
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