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11801B - Tektronix Digital Oscilloscopes

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  • Model: 11801B
  • Manufactured by: Tektronix
  • Bandwidth: 50.0GHz
  • Channels: 8
  • Sample Rate: 200.00kSa/sec
  • Extra Specifications: Digital oscilloscope

Tektronix 11801B digital oscilloscope

The 11801B Digital Sampling Oscilloscope offers the widest range of on-board measurement and waveform processing capabilities. The bandwidth of the unit is DC to 50GHz with a rise time of 7 ps. It has a sampling rate of 200 kS/s. It has 8 channels and features automatic measurements for Jitter/Noise, Statistical, Histograms, Mask Testing, and Pulse with statistics. It has a color display.

  • 50 GHz bandwidth 
  • 8 channels 
  • Max. Sampling rate 0.2 MSa/s
  • Max.record length - 5120 pt/sec
  • Rise time 7 ps
  • Number of bits 8
  • Main time base - lowest 1 ps/div 
  • Main time base - highest .005 s/div 
  • Color CRT


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