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PM 6666 - Fluke Frequency Counters

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  • Model: PM 6666
  • Manufactured by: Fluke
  • Max. Freq.: 160.0MHz
  • Freq. Resolution [Digits]: 7
  • Measurements: Frequency, Period, Ratio, Count totalization, Time interval, Voltage
  • Extra Specifications: Benchtop/System Timer Counter
The PM 6666 is a low-cost timer/counter with high accuracy frequency, time and voltage measurements, that also offers 100% programmable GPIB/IEEE-488 operation. All measurement functions including trigger level settings and sensitivity can be programmed. A bus learn mode is provided to speed and simplify programming. The PM 6666 is also an excellent all-purpose instrument for bench-top use, with nine front panel selectable measuring functions including voltage max/min measurements.
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