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CNT-81 - Pendulum Instruments Frequency Counters

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  • Model: CNT-81
  • Manufactured by: Pendulum Instruments
  • Max. Freq.: 8.0GHz
  • Freq. Resolution [Digits]: 11
  • Measurements: Frequency, Time interval
  • Extra Specifications: Timer/Counter

High-Performance Timer/Counters Pendulum offers a choice of two high-performance timer/counter models; the ultra-fast/ultra-resolution CNT-81 and the CNT-81R with built-in Rubidium timebase. The counters are equipped with GPIB-interface as standard, for use in automatic test systems, or in PC-controlled instrument clusters on the lab bench or workshop bench.

The standard frequency range of 225/300 MHz can be extended to 2.7 GHz. With the new 8 GHz prescaler input option, the frequency measuring range is extended into 8 GHz. Optional timebase oscillators extend the timebase stability to 0.02 ppm/year. The CNT-81R has a built-in atomic clock standard (Rubidium). The high-performance timer/counters are capable of handling virtually all measurements of frequency, time interval or phase. They include an internal storage of up to 6k values. Measurement speed to internal memory is up to 40k readings/s (8k/s with full resolution). The CNT-80-family of counters has excellent immunity to EMI, which makes them suited for all types of test systems. In the calibration lab they can calibrate time, phase and frequency with ultimate accuracy, speed and resolution.

The CNT-81/CNT-81R are also valuable tools for the R&D engineer, featuring almost every possible time/phase/frequency measuring function, down to 1ps time resolution (50 ps single-shot), built-in mathematical and statistical processing, very advanced arming and hold-off functions

  • Fast: 8000 measurements/s
  • High resolution: 1ps (time) 11 digits/s (freq.), 0.001degree (phase)
  • Rubidium stability: 0.0001 ppm
  • High trigger resolution: 1.25 mV
  • Advanced arming/hold-off
  • Modulation Domain Analysis SW
  • EMC-immunity for noisy environments 
  • Ideal for fast test systems, R&D and calibration laboratoires
  • 8 GHz option for microwave IRF testing
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