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585C - Phase Matrix, Inc. Frequency Counters

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  • Model: 585C
  • Manufactured by: Phase Matrix, Inc.
  • Max. Freq.: 20.0GHz
  • Freq. Resolution [Digits]: n/a
  • Measurements: Frequency, Pulse width, Pulse, Pulse freq.
  • Extra Specifications: Microwave Frequency Counter

The Phase Matrix / EIP 585C/588C Full Function Pulse/CW Counters with an optional Internal Delaying Pulse Generator are Phase Matrix highest performance counters. They are capable of measuring the frequency of repetitive pulses as narrow as 50 ns. A 3.5" full rack sized instrument, the 58XC series offer Phase Matrix YIG filtered front end and optional frequency extension to 170 GHz (on the 588C). Standard features include frequency selectivity (high and low frequency limits), GPIB, simultaneous display of frequency and pulse width or pulse repetition interval. Optional features include an internal delaying pulse generator for automatic frequency profiling.

  • Frequency Range Band 0: 100 Hz to 250 MHz (CW only) Band 1: 250 MHz to 1 GHz Band 2: 0.95 GHz to 20 GHz (585C) or 26 GHz (588C)
  • Sensitivity Band 0: -20 dBm Band 1: -20 dBm Band 2: -20 dBm to 2 GHz, -25 dBm 2 to 12.4 GHz, -20 dBm to 20 GHz, -15 dBm to 26.5 (588C)
  • Pulse Parameters 50 nS minimum pulse width 10 nS minimum profile window 1 Hz to 4 MHz PRF Pulse Width Measurement 50 nS to 1 sec FM Tolerance 20 MHz p-p
  • Standard Time Base 10 MHz TCXO
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