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PFM1300 - TTI -Thurlby Thandar Instruments Frequency Counters

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  • Model: PFM1300
  • Manufactured by: TTI -Thurlby Thandar Instruments
  • Max. Freq.: 1.3GHz
  • Freq. Resolution [Digits]: 8
  • Measurements: Frequency, Period
  • Extra Specifications: 1.3 GHz hand-held 8 digit frequency counter

The PFM1300 is a highly compact battery powered frequency counter which offers the convenience of a hand-held multimeter. Surprisingly, however, its performance exceeds that of many bench top counters of much higher cost.

Despite its compact dimensions, the PFM1300 incorporates an 8 digit liquid crystal display of the size you would expect to find on a bench top instrument. A full range of annunciators provide indication of measurement function, measurement time, overflow, trigger activity, low battery, and the measurement units. Operation is simplicity itself with all functions and ranges being selected using just five large buttons.

The PFM1300 can measure frequencies in the range 5 Hz to 1300 MHz.
Unlike many counters, the sensitivity is high across the whole frequency range with no dead spots. A low pass filter can be selected to reduce high frequency signal noise and ensure stable readings at lower frequencies.
Despite its wide frequency range the PFM1300 has a remarkably low power consumption enabling it to operate for many hours from a PP3 size battery. A push-to-measure capability gives a virtually instantaneous reading followed by an automatic power down after 15 seconds. This provides greatly extended battery life where continuous monitoring of the signal is not required.
Alternatively it can be operated from AC line via a DC adaptor.

The PFM1300 uses a reciprocal frequency counting technique which involves multiple period measurements followed by computation of the reciprocal. The system yields at least 7 digits of resolution per second of measurement time and can measure low frequencies to a resolution of 0.0001 mHz.

The PFM1300 can display signals in terms of period as an alternative to frequency up to 25MHz. A Hold button allows readings to be frozen on the display for measuring non continuous signals or recording results later.

  • 0.001 mHz resolution
  • 5 Hz to 1300 MHz range
  • Large eight digit display with annunciators
  • High sensitivity at all frequencies
  • Reciprocal counting measurement technique
  • Frequency and period measurement
  • Push-to-measure function with auto power-down
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