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3030 - XL Microwave Frequency Counters

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  • Model: 3030
  • Manufactured by: XL Microwave
  • Max. Freq.: 3.0GHz
  • Freq. Resolution [Digits]: 12
  • Measurements: n/a
  • Extra Specifications: Microwave Frequency Counter
  • Applications:
    • Fixed Digital Microwave Links
    • Synchronization of low frequency digital clocks and references
    • Accurate simultaneous frequency and power monitoring
    • Microwave transmitter frequency, power, and time base verification
    • Up to 50 VDC on the microwave input for composite measurements.
  • Features:
    • High sensitivity
    • Fast acquisition time (<60 ms)
    • Single input for simultaneous Frequency and Power measurement
    • GPIB
    • 0.5 inch high-intensity LED display (visible in all lighting conditions)
  • Options:
    • Two Optional high-stability OCXO oscillators
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