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SG-4115 - Iwatsu Function Generators

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  • Model: SG-4115
  • Manufactured by: Iwatsu
  • Frequency Range Max.: 15.0MHz
  • Waveform Outputs: Sine, Square, Triangle, Ramp, Pulse, DC Offset, Gaussian noise
  • Modulation: FM, PM, PSK, FSK, PWM
  • Extra Specifications: Function generator
Employing high frequency stability and low distortion DDS 10ppm frequency stability 2 channel outputs and arbitrary waveform function Chassis and signal ground are isolated up to 42Vp-p. AM, FM, PM, FSK, PSK, PWM modulations are available. Both GP-IB and RS-232 come with as standard. Output 50mVp-p to 10Vp-p (100mVp-p to 20Vp-p output open), Offset voltage range +10V to -10V (output open) Linear / Log SWEEP, BURST, DUTY control function Useful CH COPY function
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