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FG3C - Meterman Function Generators

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  • Model: FG3C
  • Manufactured by: Meterman
  • Frequency Range Max.: 3.0MHz
  • Waveform Outputs: Sine, Square, Triangle, TTL, CMOS, VCF
  • Modulation: LIN/LOG Sweep
  • Extra Specifications: Sweep/Function generator

The FG2C and FG3C Meterman function generators allow wide ranging versatility at an affordable price. These bench instruments are used in depot services, design engineering, production or QC benches, school labs, and more. These two function generators provide a substantial array of output capabilities. They are extremely reliable for heavy day-to-day usage in electronic troubleshooting, production manufacturing test or as a breadboarding signal source

The FG3C Sweep/function generator provides sine, square, triangle waves and TL and CMOS pulse outputs from 0.3 to 3MHz. A built-in frequency counter with 6 digit display accurately shows frequency setting. Or use as stand-alone frequency counter for external signals from 5 to 150MHz. Control the linear or logarithmic sweep of any of the selected signal outputs internally or with user provided external modulating signal. Produce TTL or CMOS pulses with the duty cycle function. Switchable 20dB attenuator allows for low level signal output.

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