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AI 5000L - SPS electronic Leakage Current Testers

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  • Model: AI 5000L
  • Manufactured by: SPS electronic
  • MAX. DUT Voltage: 256V
  • Min. DUT Voltage: 115V
  • Extra Specifications: Line Leakage Tester

The safety test of electrical devices must, after having been tested without current and depending on the relevant test standard, be completed by a line leakage measurement with increased rated voltage. Only by means of the line leakage test it is possible to activate the internal controls in case of electro-mechanical devices. So the line leakage test is of special importance. Series AI 5000 offers 3 different techniques. While tester AI 5000A draws its test voltage directly from the power supply, tester AI 5000P applies a safety isolating transformer. A further and important feature of the testers is the cutting-in. With tester AI 5000P an operation mode change-over is possible without turning off the supply voltage of the DUT. Devices AI 5000L and AI 5011L have been designed for application in automatic test systems.

  • Conform to CE, acc. to EN 50 191
  • DUT connection via terminal connector
  • Internal / external power supply
  • Voltage increase settable from 100% to 110%
  • For 1-phase DUTs
  • Digital 24 VDC and analog interface for system applications
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