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LIA-BV-150-L - FEMTO Lock-in Amplifiers

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  • Model: LIA-BV-150-L
  • Manufactured by: FEMTO
  • High end frequency limit: 10.00kHz
  • Dynamic Reserve: 80 dB
  • Min. Time Constant: 3 msec
  • Max. Time Constant: 10 sec
  • Extra Specifications: Single-Board Lock-In-Amplifier
Working Frequency 5 Hz up to 120 kHz Digital Phase Shifter 0 ... +360_Current and Voltage Input Parameter Control by local Switchesand opto-isolated digital Inputs Mounting Kit MK-LIA-2 and Reference Osclator Modules SOM-1 available Lock-In-Amplifier as a Standard The high prices for usual lock-in-amplifiers mean that they are not as common in noise limited experiments as would be desirable. For this reason we have designed a complete, easy-to-use and moderate cost board, expanding the reach of lock-in-amplifiers into cost-sensitive applications. 19"-Board versus PC-Board 19"-boards can operate in EMI-designed standard cases and are not exposed to the electromagnetic extremely disturbed environment in a computer case. In addition, they are the perfect choice for designing high-performance multi-channel systems.
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