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410 - Scitec Instruments Lock-in Amplifiers

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  • Model: 410
  • Manufactured by: Scitec Instruments
  • High end frequency limit: 100.00kHz
  • Dynamic Reserve: 60 dB
  • Min. Time Constant: 100 usec
  • Max. Time Constant: 30 sec
  • Extra Specifications: Analogue Lock-In Amplifier
Scitec Instruments Model 410 is a single phase analogue lock-in amplifier. It is suitable for making amplitude and phase measurements. Single phase instrument Differential or single-ended input Gain settings from 3 µV to 1 V 10 Hz to 100 kHz High performance wide bandwidth input gain stage Analogue meter for display of output signals Output offset controls Output time constants from 100 µs to 30 s 1F and 2F reference signal operation 90_ step and fine phase control
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