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442 - Scitec Instruments Lock-in Amplifiers

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  • Model: 442
  • Manufactured by: Scitec Instruments
  • High end frequency limit: 100.00kHz
  • Dynamic Reserve: 0 dB to 80 dB
  • Min. Time Constant: 100 usec
  • Max. Time Constant: 30 sec
  • Extra Specifications: Analogue OEM Lock-In Amplifier
Scitec Instruments Model 432 and Model 442 are OEM analogue lock-in amplifiers with digital interfaces for controlling the boards. Both the single phase Model 432 and dual phase Model 442 are suitable for making amplitude and phase measurements but it is significantly easier with the Model 442. These boards are controlled via a digital interface which can connect to either an 8 bit bus of a µController or µProcessor or to the parallel port of a PC. Differential or single-ended input Sensitivities from 1 µV to 10 V for 1 V output High performance wide bandwidth input gain stage Low pass filter output time constants from 100 µs to 30 s 1F and 2F reference signal operation 90_ step and fine phase controlA dual phase lock-in amplifier with computer interface for selection of input mode, sensitivity, low pass filter time constant, output gain, offset and phase control (fine and course) of the reference signal. Can be used in any of the following three modes:Dual phase operation - one input signal with two demodulators operating 90_ apart providing both X and Y (or real and imaginery) components of the input signal.R calculation - on board circuitry provides the modulus of the X and Y components.Single channel 1F and 2F operation - one input signal and two demodulators operating at 1x and 2x the reference frequency to measure the first and second harmonics of the input signal. Sensitivity: 1 µV to 1 V in 1, 3, 10 steps for 1 V output Reference input: TTL/CMOS with mark/space of 1:10 to 10:1 (triggered from rising edge only). Sine, triangular, square waves etc with amplitudes from 200 mV to 10 V. Fine phase adjust: 0_ to 150_ in 256 steps. Computer interface: 34 pin IDC connector can be connected to PC parallel port Power: -15 V, 0 V, +15 V dc at 50 mA per supply rail.
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