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GoLogic-U72-2M - NCI Logic Analyzers

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  • Model: GoLogic-U72-2M
  • Manufactured by: NCI
  • Max. Channels Number: 72
  • Max. State Speed: 125.0MHz
  • Max. Timing Speed: 500MHz
  • Extra Specifications: PC based Logic Analyzer

Ultra-compact logic analyzer: Works great with laptops or desktops. Easily carried in the field or down the hall .USB interface. Handy carrying bag included.

  • Packed with power:
    • 72 Channels @ 250MHz timing
    • 36 Channels @ 500MHz timing
    • 71 Channels @ 125MHz state (synchronous)
    • 72 Channels @ 125MHz transitional timing
  • Deep memory:
    • 72 Channels 2 Meg samples/channel
    • 36 Channels 4 Meg samples/channel
  • Flexible Clocking: Clock in normal or transitional timing modes. State mode allows for clocking on a single edge or multiple edges and multiplexed busses
  • Convenient Setup: Single Setup window. Simple setup mode allows the occasional user to get up and running with minimal effort
  • Internet accessible: The GoLogic may be operated over the internet or any LAN using TCP/IP
  • Cost Effective: Each engineer can afford to have his own analyzer. Tremendous performance/cost ratio
  • Disassemblers and Custom Data Analysis: Custom display windows can be created using the Plug-In Development Kit. The software development kit allows for custom applications to be developed. Data can be stored to text files for analysis by other applications
  • View Executed Hi Level Source Code: See the execution of your source code in C or other languages. Determine how long your routines are taking to complete
  • Extensive Triggering Capabilities: Trigger on patterns, edges, or ranges. Store only data of interest. Eight sequence levels with counters and timers
  • I2C Bus Analysis: View up to 2 million I2C packets with time stamps. Trigger on Start, Stop, Addresses, Data, Error conditions
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