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TA320PC - TTI -Thurlby Thandar Instruments Logic Analyzers

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  • Model: TA320PC
  • Manufactured by: TTI -Thurlby Thandar Instruments
  • Max. Channels Number: 32
  • Max. State Speed: 25.0MHz
  • Max. Timing Speed: 100MHz
  • Extra Specifications: 32 Channel 100MHz Logic Analyser ,PC-based
32 data channels from DC up to 25MHzl 100MHz maximum asynchronous acquisitionl 4 step trigger sequencer with delay and restartl 5 nanosecond glitch capturel Non-volatile data and set-up memoriesl Disassembler options for popular microsl Very low costsThe TA320PC is an add-on to a personal computer.It links to the serial port of the PC and comeswith software that enables the computer toprovide display, control and data storage.
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