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8753ET - Keysight / Agilent Network Analyzers

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  • Model: 8753ET
  • Manufactured by: Keysight / Agilent
  • High end freq limit: 6.00GHz
  • Instrument Type: Vector
  • Extra Specifications: Transmission/Reflection Network Analyzer

The Agilent 8753ET vector network analyzer is a cost-effective solution for characterization of RF components. The built-in transmission/reflection (T/R) test set provides a full range of magnitude and phase measurements in the forward direction.

  • 300 kHz to 3 or 6 GHz
  • Up to 110 dB of dynamic range¬†
  • Four display channels
  • Frequency and power sweeps¬†
  • Optional time-domain, harmonics measurement

Options for 8753ET
  • Option 002 Harmonic Measurement Capability .For measuring swept second and third harmonicresponses. Option 006 extends harmonic measurement capability to 6 GHz.
  • Option 006 6 GHz Frequency Extension. Provides source and receiver operation to 6 GHz. Do not order Option 006 with Option 075.
  • Option 010 Time Domain Capability. For viewing reflection and transmission responses in time or distance domain.
  • Option 011 Delete Built-in Test Set. Removes test set components and allows direct access to the R, A, and B receiver inputs. Source start frequency limited to 300 kHz. Do not order Option 011 with Option 075.
  • Option 075 75 Ohm Impedance. Replaces the standard 50 ohm test set with a 75 ohm test set. Test ports are 75 ohm type-N connectors. Do not order Option 075 with Option 006 or Option 011.
  • Option 1D5 High Stability Frequency ReferenceProvides improved frequency accuracy over timeand with temperature variation.
  • Option 0B0 Delete Operating Manual Set
  • Option 0B1 Add Extra Operating Manual Set
  • Option 1CM Rack Mount Kit (without handles)
  • Option 1CP Rack Mount Kit With Handles

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