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E8361C - Keysight / Agilent Network Analyzers

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  • Model: E8361C
  • Manufactured by: Keysight / Agilent
  • High end freq limit: 67.00GHz
  • Instrument Type: Vector, S-Parameter
  • Extra Specifications: PNA Network Analyzer, 10 MHz to 67 GHz

General-purpose network analysis with optional software and/or hardware to customize for your application - such as multiport andÜpulsed-RF.ÜÜÜ

  • Improved graphical user interface
  • 94ÜdB dynamic range and <0.006 dB trace noise (specified to 67 GHz, with operation to 70 GHz)
  • <26 usec/point measurement speed, 32 channels, 20,001 points
  • TRL/LRM calibration, on-wafer, in-fixture, waveguide, and antenna measurements
  • Mixer conversion loss, return loss, isolation, and absolute group delay
  • Amplifier gain compression, harmonic, IMD, and pulsed-RF
  • Unlimited number of display windows, which can be resized and re-arranged
  • Up to 24 active traces and 24 memory traces per window
  • Formats: Log or linear magnitude, SWR, phase, group delay, real and imaginary, Smith chart, polar
  • Ten independent markers per trace including reference marker for delta marker operation, as well as log or linear magnitude, phase, real, imaginary, SWR, delay, R + jX, and G + jB formats
  • Define test limit lines that appear on the display for go/no go testing
  • Linear, CW (single frequency), power or segment sweep
  • Options: Time-domain, configurable test set, frequency-offset, embedded LO measurements, extended power range and bias-tees, IF access, pulsed-RF measurement capability,Ü4-port and N-port measurements, andÜvector- and scalar- calibrated converter measurements
  • Embedded documentation in five languages
  • GPIB/SICL/LAN/DCOM interfaces
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