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N5230A (Option 240/245/246) - Keysight / Agilent Network Analyze

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  • Model: N5230A (Option 240/245/246)
  • Manufactured by: Keysight / Agilent
  • High end freq limit: 20.00GHz
  • Instrument Type: Vector
  • Extra Specifications: PNA-L Network Analyzer, 300 kHz to 20 GHz (Option 240/245)

The Agilent 4-port PNA-L vector network analyzer is a member of the PNA series network analyzer platform and provides the best combination of speed and accuracy for measuring multiport and balanced components such as filters, duplexers and RF modules up to 20 GHz. The 4-port PNA-L automatic port extension feature automatically measures and corrects for fixtures, making measurements of in-fixture devices simple and accurate. This new feature also corrects for a fixture insertion loss to further improve accuracy. In addition, the Agilent optional Electronic Calibration (ECal) modules enable engineers to perform fast, repeatable and highly accurate calibrations. With ECal, full two-, three-, and four-port calibration can be performed up to 30 times faster than mechanical calibration.

  • Integrated 4-port, balanced measurements
  • 103 dB dynamic range and < 0.004 dB trace noise
  • 4.5 usec/point measurement speed, 32 channels, 16,001 points
  • Automatic port extension automatically corrects for in-fixture measurements
  • Optional second internal source for fast measurements of amplifier intermodulation distortion and mixer/converter conversion loss
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