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AQ2160-01 - Yokogawa Optical Power Meters

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  • Model: AQ2160-01
  • Manufactured by: Yokogawa
  • Type: Fiber Optic
  • High end wavelength limit: 1550 nm
  • Measurement Units: dBm
  • Extra Specifications: Handheld Optical PowerMeter

The AQ2160-01 hand-held optical power meter is designed for installation and maintenance of fiber optic LANs and home networks, as well as for general purpose optical measurements. With its hand-held size and weight of approximately 270 g, the AQ2160-01 can be used anywhere. A convenient neck-strap and back light are also available. 

  • Minimum necessary functions: 3 keys: power supply, range switching, and backlight 
  • Compact and lightweight: Approximately 70 (W) x 150 (H) x 32 (D) mm and approximately 260 g 
  • Two types of power supply available: Two AA dry cells or AC adapter (optional)
  • Can be operated under battery power for long periods of time:  Approximately 40 hours (when using alkali cells) 
  • Backlight allows operation in dimly lit work areas: Illuminates for approximately 5 seconds when an operation key (on the panel) is pressed 
  • Includes accessories for easy portability: Neck strap, Carrying pouch 
  • Select options according to your application: AC adapter and protector
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