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AP2541A - APEX Technologies Optical Spectrum Analyzers

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  • Model: AP2541A
  • Manufactured by: APEX Technologies
  • Form Factor: Benchtop
  • High end wavelength limit: 1607 nm
  • Wavelength Resolution: 160.0fm
  • Instrument Type: interferometer
  • Extra Specifications: Multi-channel high resolution Optical Spectrum Analyzer

The AP2540A series offer the most economical solution when more than one optical spectrum analyzer is required. Based on an interferometric principle, the AP2540A series achieve a 0.16pm resolution (20MHz) at an absolute wavelength accuracy of +/-3pm and has a close-in dynamic range of 60dB at 10pm. Standard configurations range from 2 up to 6 channels and additional channels are possible upon request.

  • Wavelength measurement range 1520 to 1567nm & 1557 nm to 1607 nm
  • Wavelength absolute accuracy +/-3pm
  • Wavelength resolution (at 3dB) 20MHz (0.16pm) and 100MHz (0.8pm)
  • Measurement level range:
    • 2 Channels : -67dBm to +20dBm
    • 3 Channels : -64dBm to +20dBm
    • 4 Channels : -64dBm to +20dBm
    • 5 Channels : -61dBm to +20dBm
    • 6 Channels : -61dBm to +20dBm
  • Absolute level accuracy +/-0.3dB
  • Level repeatability (Typ.) +/-0.2dB
  • Close-in dynamic range >40dB @ +/-2pm; 60dB @ +/-10pm
  • Sweep time 5s for 55nm
  • Optical input FC/PC for SM fiber
  • Internal absolute wavelength calibrator Yes
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