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MT9080F - Anritsu OTDR

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  • Model: MT9080F
  • Manufactured by: Anritsu
  • Wavelengths [nm]: 1310, 1550, 1625
  • Max Pulse Width: 2usec
  • Distance Range Max.: 50.00km
  • Extra Specifications: OTDR

The ACCESS Master MT9080 series are compact and affordable OTDRs designed for metro area FTTx access network testing. ACCESS Master is a major improvement for metro area operation over existing OTDRs in terms of overall performance and ease of use, with optical power measurement capability and a light source as standard features.

The ACCESS Master has been developed for professionals responsible for installing and maintaining fiber links to the premises (FTTP), home (FTTH), or curb (FTTC). The ACCESS Master MT9080 series has a user-friendly keypad and easy one-button measurements for analysis, providing metro-area accuracy combined with service provider simplicity.

  • Wavelength of 1645 to 1655 nm at 15 dB or less.
  • Lightweight at just 2.2 kg. Compared with the Anritsu MW9076 series and other traditional OTDRs, the MT9080 Series ACCESS Master is lighter and more compact for easier use in the field.
  • Standard features include an integrated OTDR, light source, and optical power meter function, enhancing the maintenance function.
    A visible light source (optional) can also be integrated at the same time.
  • Achieves 1 m event dead zone, which is effective for short-distance optical fiber evaluation in FTTx applications.
  • Powerful capability for identifying the locations of adjacent fault points.
  • Sufficient dynamic range performance for installation and maintenance of FTTx fibers (50 km or shorter).
  • Simple menu-based operation.
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