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  • Model: FTB-100B
  • Manufactured by: EXFO
  • Wavelengths [nm]: 850, 1300, 1310, 1410, 1490, 1550, 1560, 1625
  • Max Pulse Width: 20usec
  • Distance Range Max.: 260.00km
  • Extra Specifications: Mini-OTDR

The FTB-100B Mini-OTDR is ideal for occasional or experienced users looking for modularity, ruggedness, ease of use, automation and top-of-the-line optical performance. Choose from a variety of OTDR modules for multimode and singlemode applications including testing at 1410 nm, 1490 nm and 1625 nm.

Any of EXFO’s OTDR modules—the FTB-7000B series, the triple-wavelength FTB-74234C-B module, as well as the FTB-7000D module, which is designed for metro, access and FTTH networks—can be inserted into the FTB-100B platform for easy operation.

EXFO’s fast OTDR test modules generate accurate data consisting of up to 128 000 points per trace for optimal accuracy. Data can be submitted for Pass/Fail validation based on user-defined thresholds for such values as splice loss, total loss, backreflection, etc.

  • Rugged and splashproof 
  • Visual fault locator (optional) 
  • Power meter (optional) 
  • Pass/fail result validation 
  • Touchscreen interface 
  • Large choice of high-performance, easily interchangeable OTDR modules
  • Triple wavelength configurations
  • Passive optical network (PON) capability
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