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  • Model: FTB-74234C-B
  • Manufactured by: EXFO
  • Wavelengths [nm]: 1310, 1550, 1625
  • Max Pulse Width: 20usec
  • Distance Range Max.: 260.00km
  • Extra Specifications: Triple-Wavelength OTDR
The FTB-74234C-B Triple-Wavelength OTDR module characterizes fibers in the O, C and L bands, making it ideal for testing long-haul and metro networks, as well as preventive maintenance of systems. New technology and packaging makes it possible to transmit three wavelengths from a single module for automatic characterization of singlemode fiber. Data collected from these three bands is stored in a common file, which enables you to view all three traces on a single graph. Attenuation dead zone: 10 m for all wavelengths Wavelengths of 1310, 1550 and 1625 nm with dynamic ranges of 41, 39 and 38 dB, respectively Simplified test-file handling during trace acquisition and data post-processing Simultaneous O-, C- and L-band data collection for reduced testing time User-friendly test reports, including results for all three wavelengths A single input port; one connection means minimal handling
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