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  • Model: E8115UHD
  • Manufactured by: JDSU
  • Wavelengths [nm]: 1550
  • Max Pulse Width: 20usec
  • Distance Range Max.: 380.00km
  • Extra Specifications: Ultra Long Haul (UHD) OTDR Module

The Ultra Long Haul (UHD) Optical Time Domain Reflectometer (OTDR) Module range provides the highest performance of any OTDR field instrument on the market.
The UHD OTDR testing capability, at wavelengths between 1310/1550/1625 nm, delivers the highest dynamic range, the fastest speed, and the greatest accuracy for the installation and maintenance of optical fiber networks.
Transmission systems reach longer and longer distances, requiring high performance test solutions for characterization. Very long haul terrestrial and subterranean networks require OTDR solutions capable of providing the longest, most accurate measurements possible. The UHD OTDR Module offers this compromise where 50 dB dynamic range is reached at 1550 nm with only a 20 µs pulsewidth, keeping sensible dead zones and optimum linearity.
Due to the important step-up in dynamic range, the UHD OTDR Module allows the technician to test the same fiber length with considerably reduced pulsewidths, compared to existing OTDRs. This dramatically improves the accuracy by shortening the attenuation dead zone, resulting in better event pin-points, distance location, and loss measurement.
The UHD OTDR Module’s automation and rapid testing features offer impressive time savings for companies involved in commissioning and locating faults in optical fiber networks.
Housed in the MTS/T-BERD platform, the UHD OTDR testing solution offers a lightweight, handheld, and rugged field instrument suitable for any OTDR measurement constraints.

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