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AQ7270-735026 - Yokogawa OTDR

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  • Model: AQ7270-735026
  • Manufactured by: Yokogawa
  • Wavelengths [nm]: 1310, 1550, 1625
  • Max Pulse Width: 20usec
  • Distance Range Max.: 400.00km
  • Extra Specifications: Three-wavelength model, supporting a maintainance wavelength of 1625nm wavelengths

The AQ7270 OTDR is a test device used when installing and maintaining optic fiber networks in metro (inter-city services), access and FTTH (intra-city networks).

The AQ7270 OTDR condenses the total working time during on-site tests as the time to power up the device, the time taken to make measurements, and the time to analyze and store the measurement results are reduced significantly. The measurement results can easily be transmitted to computers using the USB interface or the Ethernet and the analysis software (optional) helps with preparation of reports on a computer.

The AQ7270 can realize short event dead zones under 0.8 m for all single mode optical fibers, which is a world class feat. Furthermore, longer distances can be measured with 40dB high dynamic range performance. Thus the AQ7270 is able to make short and long distance measurements. 

  • 735026 Three-wavelength model, supporting a maintainance wavelength of 1625nm wavelengths
  • Shortest Dead Zone in the world: <0.8m (2.7 ft): Enables multiple close range event detection
  • External Large Capacity Battery Option
  • Remote Controller avaliable
  • Multiple Functions: Optical Monitor, Light Source, Built-in printer, Built-in Dummy Fiber and more
  • Large and Bright 8.4” LCD on a lightweight, compact, and solid body
  • Less than 10 sec. Power-up Time: Enables users to start testing in just seconds
  • One Button Testing: Executes programmed procedure to improve productivity drastically
  • Full Auto Mode: Sets appropriate testing conditions according to the fiber under test
  • Active Line Alarm: Avoids on-channel measurements of fibers with in-service wavelengths
  • Wide Language Selections
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