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TG1P4A - Centellax Pattern Generators

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  • Model: TG1P4A
  • Manufactured by: Centellax
  • Max. Data Rate: 44.00Gbps
  • Channels: n/a
  • Max. PRBS Pattern: 31
  • Pattern Depth: n/a
  • Extra Specifications: 40G PRBS Generator

The Centellax TG1P4A is a cost-effective 22 to 44Gbps pseudo-random bit sequence generator designed for high-speed device characterization, automated production-line testing, manufacturing and R&D lab use.

The TG1P4A generates a low-jitter bit stream for a wide range of operating rates. The generator operates at the factory fixed-rate, and can be operated from 22-44Gbps when clocked with a half-rate external clock. The PRBS generates an extremely high-quality output eye (three PRBS pattern lengths) with two clock trigger outputs and a pattern trigger output.

Centellax offers a standard one-year warranty, with an extended warranty available, and free calibration during the warranty period.

  • Low cost, high performance
  • Internal or external clock system
  • Differential or single-ended outputs
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