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DG605 - Interface Technology Pattern Generators

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  • Model: DG605
  • Manufactured by: Interface Technology
  • Max. Data Rate: 50.00Mbps
  • Channels: 4
  • Max. PRBS Pattern: n/a
  • Pattern Depth: 16 K
  • Extra Specifications: Digital Word Generator (expansion module)
The DG600 Digital Word Generator and the DG605 Expansion Module provide a full performance digital stimulus source for C-size VXI based applications. The modules offer superior control of digital output that far exceeds the capabilities found in conventional pattern generators and digital I/O cards. Up to three DG605 expansion modules may be used with the DG600. Depending on the number of DG605 units installed, the number of channels available in the 50 MHz operating mode is 16 to 112, in 32 channel increments. In the 25 MHz operating mode, 32 to 224 channels are available in 64 channel increments. The DG600 and the DG605 provide tristate control for individual channels on a clock-by-clock basis. This feature is essential for testing bi-directional busses commonly found in memory devices and microprocessor applications. Features: 16 to 112 Channels at 50 MHz with 16K Memory Depth 32 to 224 Channels at 25 MHz with 8K Memory Depth Independent Word Timing From 20 ns to 170 Seconds Internal Clock Rates From 1 Hz to 50 MHz, Up to 1 Hz Resolution Up to 255 Data Tables With 3 Level Nested Table Sequencing Clock-by-Clock Tristate Control For Each Channel IEEE-488.2 Common Commands and High Level VXI Bus Command Language
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