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MSO-19 - Link Instruments PC Modular Oscilloscopes

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  • Model: MSO-19
  • Manufactured by: Link Instruments
  • Bandwidth: 50.0MHz
  • Channels: 1
  • Max. Sample Rate: 200.00MSa/sec
  • Extra Specifications: Oscilloscope, logic analyzer, pattern generator, TDR

The MSO-19 is an extremely portable 2GSa/s oscilloscope, 200MSa/s logic analyzer, 100MSa/s pattern generator, and a TDR. It connects to your computer via USB. It is even powered by USB. All channels sample simultaneously  at a max rate of 200MSa/s (5ns).

The MSO-19 has time synchronized oscilloscope and logic analyzer inputs. All 9 channels are sampled at the same time and are displayed together. This is better than separate instruments because the analog and digital waveforms are acquired with the same sample clock assuring accurate time correlation between the two. Even if you went through the effort of cabling two individual instruments together, you would not be able to get the samples to within 5 ns of each other, nor would the triggering be so tightly coupled. Since the software displays the oscilloscope and logic analyzer data on the same screen it stays synchronized no matter how you scroll or zoom.

The MSO-19 can trigger on a signal in either the digital or analog domain. In the analog domain, triggering can be straight forward rising and falling edge or further qualified by pulse width and pulse count. Glitches can be detected using pulse width triggering. Digital domain triggering can use a 8 bit wide digital word or by using the advanced serial trigger( I2C and SPI bus protocols).

High speed sampling is key to getting a good capture.  The 200MSa single shot sample rate and 60MHz bandwidth will allow you see a great picture of a 60MHz signal in single shot mode and an even faster one if you use RIS mode sampling.

Standard waveform measurements are included and can be displayed on the screen right next to the traces. Display and decode SPI and I2C serial bus protocols as well as trigger on them. SPI and I2C signals can also be viewed as timing waveforms and statelist style display.

Installation and operation are simple and intuitive.

Data can be saved to disk and reloaded in the future or exported in CSV format for use with other software (Excel, Mathcad, etc...).

All of the high speed acquisition is done with the MSO hardware, the speed of your PC is not a factor.  The PC is used for display and for the user interface. If your PC is fast enough and has enough memory to run windows well, it will run our products well also.

The Instrument has high speed samplers and buffers. It can acquire at up to 1 GSa/s and stores the data in its own high speed data buffers. When these buffers are full everything is transferred to the PC.

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