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PAV4CR - Gertsch/Singer Phase Meters

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  • Model: PAV4CR
  • Manufactured by: Gertsch/Singer
  • High end frequency limit: 20kHz
  • Accuracy: n/a
  • Resolution: n/a
  • Extra Specifications: Phase Angle Voltmeter

The PAV4CR Phase Angle Voltmeter provides complete capability for measurement of the amplitude and phase characteristics of AC voltages.

  • Isolated inputs 
  • Wide frequency coverage of 57 Hz to 20 kHz in total mode 
  • Wide dynamic range of 300 µV to 300 V full scale 
  • Harmonic filtering and high input impedance of 10 MΩ with or without input isolation are standard 
  • Plug-in modules for filtered mode frequencies are not included 
  • Ideal for rack mounting
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