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6010 - Xitron Phase Meters

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  • Model: 6010
  • Manufactured by: Xitron
  • High end frequency limit: 10kHz
  • Accuracy: 0.5_
  • Resolution: 0.1_
  • Extra Specifications: Phase Angle Voltmeter

Using the most advanced digital signal processing technology, the Xitron 6000 family delivers true accuracy and versatility at the touch of a button. Phase Angle Voltmeters provide direct readouts of phase insensitive, phase sensitive and harmonic data.  Automatically calculates and displays results. Self-calibration and testing capability ensures the most accurate results possible.

Digital Signal Processing Technology in the 6010 delivers the flexibility you have always wanted in a Phase Angle Voltmeter. Full portability is not limited by the optional IEEE488, RS232 or Analog Outputs. Its impressive accuracy (0.2% amplitude, 0.5° phase) and bandwidth (10Hz to 10kHz), and the fact that it is easy to use, make it a must for discerning field service and production engineers.

  • Wide bandwidth 10-10kHz
  • 0.2% Amplitude Accuracy
  • Full +/-180° range with 0.5° accuracy
  • Total RMS, In Phase, Quadrature and Frequency are measured
  • RMS Level or Ratio displays
  • Full 20mV to 15V input range on both inputs
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