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1830A - Tegam Power Meters RF

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  • Model: 1830A
  • Manufactured by: Tegam
  • Freq. Range High: 40.00GHz
  • Channels: n/a
  • Sensors: Thermistor sensors from Agilent (HP), TEGAM, Weinschel, Hughes, General Microwave, Millitech
  • Extra Specifications: RF Power Meter

Thermistor based RF power sensors are universally recognized as the most accurate means to measure and transfer RF power. The TEGAM Model 1830A was designed to replace the venerable HP432 while further reducing uncertainties and accommodate a wider variety of RF power sensors. It combines a modern DC substitution bridge with a 6.5 digit measurement system to provide consistent normalized RF power readings manually or automatically.

  • Lowest uncertainty
  • Supports 100 Ω and 200 Ω thermistors
  • Integrates bridge balancer and power meter into one package
  • Calibrates 50 MHz reference outputs and other signal sources
  • Four digit calibration factor resolution
  • Full function LXI-C and USB Interfaces
  • Full remote programmability
  • Heater control for ovenized sensors
  • Compatible with thermistor power sensors from: Agilent (HP), TEGAM, Weinschel, Hughes, General Microwave, Millitech
    • Agilent: 478A, 8478B, S486A, G486A, J486A, H486A, X486A, M486A, P486A, K486A, R486A
    • TEGAM/Weinschel: 1107-7, 1107-8, 1807, M1110, M1111, M1118, M1120, M1125, M1130, M1135, F1109, F1116, F1117, F1119, F1125, F1130, F1135
    • Any thermistor mounts compatible with Agilent 478A
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