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DM-4 - Amprobe Power Recorders

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  • Model: DM-4
  • Manufactured by: Amprobe
  • Instrument Type: Handheld
  • Input Channels: 3 voltage (+common), 3 current (for single or three phase simultaneous recording)
  • Operation Modes: recorder, scope
  • Measurements: power (active, reactive, apparent), energy (active, reactive), harmonics, voltage, current, TRMS, peak demand, PF, transients, sags, surges
  • Extra Specifications: Power Quality Recorder
  • True RMS (TRMS)
  • Extremely easy to setup and operate
  • Comes as a complete kit: carrying case, CTs, test leads, PC software & download cable, Remote User Interface PDA) w/ protective hard case and interface cable are included with product
  • Rugged Remote User Interface with memory for easy data downloads in the field and increased safety
  • Works with single (two and three wire) and three phase systems (Y and Delta)
  • Detects and records voltage spikes 100 nS or slower
  • Detects and records voltage Sags and Surges
  • Built in scope displays waveforms
  • Records all parameters (single or three phase) simultaneously
  • Manual and programmable recording start
  • Selectable fundamental frequency of 50 or 60 Hz
  • Special data compression system and user selectable rates allow recording from several hours to several years
  • Download capabilities with PC (Windows compatible software) or PDA (Palm OS)
  • Line or battery powered
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