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3100 - Dranetz BMI Power Recorders

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  • Model: 3100
  • Manufactured by: Dranetz BMI
  • Instrument Type: Fixed System
  • Input Channels: Phase A, B, C, Neutral
  • Operation Modes: Event recording, paging
  • Measurements: Vrms, Vpk, Sags, swells, interruption, restored, transient, min/average/max
  • Extra Specifications: Power quality tool

The 3100 PQNode is the ideal power quality tool for utility key account programs. It has the unique, patented ability to communicate directly to account executives, managers, and customers through its built-in voice-mail-like interface. It can also send messages directly to up to 4 pagers thereby bypassing the traditional bottleneck of a utility master station.

In addition to monitoring 3-phase voltage for Dranetz-BMI-grade disturbance information, the 3100 PQNode also keeps track of two contact closure inputs that can be connected to thermostats, flood switches, customer equipment, or security alarm systems.

Like all PQNodes, the PQPager uses PES software, allowing power quality engineers to automatically retrieve waveform signatures of every event for quick, accurate diagnosis. The PQPager conforms to IEEE and IEC standards for classifying and recording disturbances and is UL, FCC, CE, and ISO-9001 certified.

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