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1941 - Fluke Power Recorders

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  • Model: 1941
  • Manufactured by: Fluke
  • Instrument Type: Fixed System
  • Input Channels: 9 (4 voltage, 5 current)
  • Operation Modes: Recorder, Meter, Monitor, Scope, Analyzer
  • Measurements: sags/swells/waveform faults, events, power, rms V and I, harmonics, flicker
  • Extra Specifications: Reliable Power Meters Multipoint Power Recorder?

Designed for permanent installations, Multipoint performs just like the portable Power Recorder simultaneously measuring all power quality parameters, as well as power consumption and harmonics. The system consists of a detachable acquisition unit and a base that manages connections to your power system.

Full Disclosure Technology is included with Multipoint, making it a unique, professional tool that increases your ability to maintain and troubleshoot your plant’s power quality.

  • 4 voltage channels - three phases plus neutralto-ground
  • 5 current channels allow you to monitor neutral and ground current in addition to phases
  • Acquisition unit detaches from base with four screws, for easy calibration or maintenance of the measurement hardware
  • Measure and record Volts, Amps, frequency, Watts, VA’s, VAR’s, power factor, demand and harmonics using 128 samples per cycle — on every cycle
  • Capture up to 6,000 voltage events with simultaneous current, in each monitoring session
  • Ethernet interface makes downloads fast and easy
  • Designed to connect to industry-standard 5- amp CTs
  • Multi-session option allows for 16 sessions, effectively multiplying event capture capability to 96,000 events

What is Full Disclosure Technology?

Full Disclosure Technology is built into all Fluke and RPM three-phase power quality instruments. This technology makes the Multipoint Power Recorder a unique, professional instrument that increases your ability to maintain and troubleshoot your plant power quality. Full Disclosure Technology uses patented sampling hardware and algorithms to record everything your loads see

  • The sampling system processes every cycle on all channels, recording min/max values and looking for sags, swells or waveform faults
  • The system can store 6000 events (up to 96,000 with Multi-session option). You can see everything from sub-cycle events to long-term outages with clear detail
  • Records power parameters, rms voltage, rms current, harmonics, flicker and monitors for power quality events — on all channels simultaneously without having to reconfigure
  • No need to set thresholds. You won’t be disappointed by missed events or a memory full of noise
  • Because there are no thresholds to set, Full Disclosure Technology system records any changes in measurements, even the ones that are almost out of tolerance
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