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3193 - Hioki Power Recorders

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  • Model: 3193
  • Manufactured by: Hioki
  • Instrument Type: Benchtop
  • Input Channels: Single-phase/two-wires to three-phase/four-wire
  • Operation Modes: Power Analyzer, Meter, Waveform Monitor
  • Measurements: Voltage, Current, Voltage/Current Peak, Effective/Reactive/Apparent Power, Power Factor, Phase, Frequency, Current/Power Integration, Load Rate, Efficiency, Torque, RPM, Motor Output, Harmonics, Flicker
  • Extra Specifications: Power Analyzer

The 3193 is a wide spectrum power meter for comprehensive device assessment .

  • A multi-function power meter for use with single phase power lines to 3-phase, 4-wire circuits. Accommodating up to 6 units, the unit is not only capable of measuring up to 6 single phase systems, but can simultaneously measure the input and output of a 3-phase inverter and provide effective power measurements
  • Measures voltage, current, voltage/current peak, effective/reactive/apparent power, power factor, phase, frequency, current/power integration, load rate, efficiency, torque, RPM, motor output. 
  • Supports harmonic analysis and flicker measurement
  • 6.4 inch TFT color LCD
  • RMS/MEAN rectification
  • FDD
  • Scaling
  • Averaging
  • A variety of clamp-on sensors available - for AC only, as well as for AC/DC. This is in addition to strain gauge-type sensors
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