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107A - Infratek Power Recorders

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  • Model: 107A
  • Manufactured by: Infratek
  • Instrument Type: Portable
  • Input Channels: 10
  • Operation Modes: meter, data logger, graphics
  • Measurements: voltage, current, RMS, power, energy, time, PF, harmonics, mechanical values, computed values, dynamic torque, frequency, energy
  • Extra Specifications: Single- and 3-Phase Power/Energy Analyzer

The model 107A high speed power analyzer is a very advanced measurement tool designed to offer the scientist, engineer, or technician more electrical and mechanical signal information than is normally found in one single instrument.
The Infratek Model 107A Power Analyzers are multipurpose instruments designed for laboratory and field use, for production testing and quality control. High accuracy, wide frequency range, and high common mode rejection are prerequisites for precision measurements on inverters, light ballasts, and ultrasonic transducers. The 107A measurement capabilities and simplicity of use are unmatched.

Six menu soft keys M1 through M6 and five cursor soft keys control the instrument. The operating procedure, to configure the display and the interface, to store instrument settings, to set the scaling factors, to select the operating mode, to select the input, the ranges, and many more features, is self explanatory. You can save your personal instrument settings and have the unit start up with your personal configuration at power-on.

Efficient data processing permits simultaneous measurements on all three phases of a three phase system and yields comprehensive signal information including rms and power values, harmonics, phase angles, and where applicable, mechanical power output, torque, efficiency, and slip.

A programmable data logging function permits the transfer of up to 500 rms and power values per second to a personal computer. Using the Infratek operating software plots of power versus time or speed, or current versus time or frequency are easily generated. The 107A Power Analyzers determines electrical motor torque applied to its load. No torque transducers are needed. Induction motors and dc motors require a speed transducer, synchronous motors do not. A special operating mode for dynamic torque measurement in the air gap of a generator or motor provides plots of torque versus speed, frequency, or time and helps to detect undesirable peaks.

  • DC-300 kHz, 100 mA-50A, 1 V-1000 V
  • Suitable for frequency inverter drivers
  • Line-to-line voltage, torque, slip, efficiency
  • Harmonics 1-63, IEC1000-3-2
  • High speed data logging for dynamic processes
  • High speed dynamic torque measurement
  • Advanced operating software under Windows
  • Accuracy grades 0.05, 0.1, 0.3 % (low cost)
  • Determines torque without using transducers
  • User display configuration and start-up
  • Displays phase- and sum values, 3 phase values
  • Numeric fields combined with graphics
  • Acquires all data in 3 phase system simultaneously
  • Measures and computes 1000 values on-line
  • High speed data transfer to personal computer
  • RS-232
  • Ten high speed analog inputs/frequency
  • Ten analog outputs
  • Operating software under Windows 95,98,NT,ME,2000,XP
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