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HA1600A - TTI -Thurlby Thandar Instruments Power Recorders

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  • Model: HA1600A
  • Manufactured by: TTI -Thurlby Thandar Instruments
  • Instrument Type: Benchtop
  • Input Channels: Single phase
  • Operation Modes: Mains Analyzer, Harmonics Analyzer, Data Reporter, Flicker Meter
  • Measurements: Harmonics, supply waveforms, Vrms, Vpk, Arms, Apk, crest factors, THD, W, VA, power factor, frequency, inrush current, flicker
  • Extra Specifications: Mains and Harmonics Analyser with Flicker Meter
  • Compliance quality measurements to EN61000-3-2 and EN61000-3-3
  • Measures peak or rms voltage or current, real or apparent power, power factor, phase etc 
  • Tabular/histogram of 40 harmonics
  • Voltage/current waveforms displays
  • Continuous analysis with real-time graphical update
  • Wide range of power connectors available
  • 320 x 240 pixel high-contrast display
  • USB, RS232 and printer interfaces fitted
  • PC control and documentation software supplied
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