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6210-100 - Chroma Power Supplies DC

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  • Model: 6210-100
  • Manufactured by: Chroma
  • Max. Voltage: 100.0V
  • Number of Outputs: Single
  • Max. Current: 10.00A
  • Extra Specifications: Programmable DC Power Supply

Low Cost programmable DC Power supplies from 60W to 12KW. Many models to choose from with optional GPIB and RS232 interface. Ideal for benchtop or ATE applications.

High performance to meet critical testing need, the Chroma 6210 series programmable DC power source incorporates modern power factor correction circuitry to increase the input power factor to more than 0.98 to meet IEC regulations, thus reduces the input current requirement and raises the efficiency over 80%. Isolated interface to isolate analog remote programming controls either
the output voltage or current of the unit to obtain full output power with lower noise and higher precision.
This 6210 series of constant-voltage, constant-current power supplies is available in power ranges 1000W (in 3 1/2 inches of vertical rack space, half-rack cases). All models have 10-turn voltage and current controls that vary the voltage (7.5V~600V) and current (1.6A~130A) outputs from zero to the maximum rated values.
Crossover from constant voltage to constant current operation occurs automatically when the load current exceeds the control settings, another provides an adjustable current limit, allowing user to the current limit without your having to short the output.
High density and precision of 6210 series also include the remote controller via IEEE-488 interface designed as a plug-in card to change the unit in seconds into a computer controlled system power source. All the outputs on these models are protected against overload and over-temperature damage. Protection circuits prevent output voltage overshoot when supply is turned on and off. It can be
used for R&D design characterization, production testing, and QA verification of commercial, industrial, and aerospace electronic products.

  • Built-in power factor correction circuit provides input power factor of over 0.98 minimum for full load
  • Thermal shutdown
  • Optional internal computer control (GPIB)
  • Standard overvoltage protection (OVP)
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