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PAD-L Series - Type V - Kikusui Power Supplies DC

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  • Model: PAD-L Series - Type V
  • Manufactured by: Kikusui
  • Max. Voltage: 110.0V
  • Number of Outputs: Single
  • Max. Current: 200.00A
  • Extra Specifications: DC Power Supply (CV/CC)

The PAD-L Series is a high performance, high reliability variable DC regulated power supply series, suited to many applications, such as research and development, and quality control for manufacturing plants.

PAD-L Series Type V Lineup:

  • PAD35-200L
  • PAD35-200LT
  • PAD60-120L
  • PAD110-60L

Each power supply is built with a thyristor preregulator and a power transistor series regulator. This results in a combination of high performance and low harmonic distortion.

The LP Series is also available  - offering high speed OVP functionality and various status signals suitable for system use.

  • Improved power factor at low output voltages
  • Low AC input voltage waveform distortion
  • Excellent temperature coefficient
  • Fast transient response
  • Low ripple noise voltage
  • Various safety functions
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