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PMC Series - Kikusui Power Supplies DC

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  • Model: PMC Series
  • Manufactured by: Kikusui
  • Max. Voltage: 35.0V
  • Number of Outputs: Single
  • Max. Current: 5.00A
  • Extra Specifications: Compact DC Power Supply (CV/CC)

The PMC Series features compact, high-performance, constant voltage, constant current, series regulated DC power supplies.

PMC Series Lineup:

  • PMC18-2 0 to 18V/0 to 2A
  • PMC18-3 0 to 18V/0 to 3A
  • PMC18-5 0 to 18V/0 to 5A
  • PMC35-1 0 to 35V/0 to 1A
  • PMC35-2 0 to 35V/0 to 2A
  • PMC35-3 0 to 35V/0 to 3A

The series regulated design realizes a highly stable output with a low level of output noise. The LED digital meter, which is legible even in dimly lit locations, and electronic switches that eliminate relay chattering, are also featured in this series.

  • Front panel output ON/OFF switch
  • 10-turn potentiometer for setting of voltage (single-turn potentiometer for setting of current)
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