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PVD-T Series - 12kW Type - Kikusui Power Supplies DC

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  • Model: PVD-T Series - 12kW Type
  • Manufactured by: Kikusui
  • Max. Voltage: 600.0V
  • Number of Outputs: Multiple
  • Max. Current: 1.20kA
  • Extra Specifications: Variable-switching Regulated DC Power Supply(CV/CC)
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Kikusui PVD-T Series - 12kW Type Overview

The PVD-T Series power supplies are variable-output switching DC power supplies, with wide-range constant-voltage (CV) and constant-current (CC) outputs that enable the setting of a constant power output.
The PVD-T series power supplies are available in 6 kW/12 kW versions, all of which are 19-inch rack-mountable and approximately 130 mm/260 mm in height. In addition to their excellent space factors, the PVD-T series offerd not only the advantages of a switching system and the output quality of a series regulator, but also implements a large reduction in running costs (power consumption) - traditionally  a problem with large capacity DC power supplies.

PVD-T Series - 12kW Type Lineup:

  • PVD10-1200T 0 to 10V / 0 to 1200A, AC 3 Phase input
  • PVD20-600T 0 to 20V / 0 to 600A, AC 3 Phase input  
  • PVD40-300T 0 to 40V / 0 to 300A, AC 3 Phase input
  • PVD60-200T 0 to 60V / 0 to 200A, AC 3 Phase input
  • PVD80-150T 0 to 80V / 0 to 150A, AC 3 Phase input
  • PVD100-120T 0 to 100V / 0 to 120A, AC 3 Phase input
  • PVD150-80T 0 to 150V / 0 to 80A, AC 3 Phase input
  • PVD300-40T 0 to 300V / 0 to 40A, AC 3 Phase input
  • PVD600-20T 0 to 600V / 0 to 20A, AC 3 Phase input

With its soft switching technology, the PVD-T series provide greater efficiency and a low noise level very close to that of a series regulator.
The PVD-T series also features a power factor of 0.95 (typical) with a power-factor improvement circuit to suppress harmonic currents.
The PVD-T series features analog remote control, circuit protection, an output/status monitor, and a programmable output sequencer. The programmable output sequencer supports the setting and storing of ten programs (maximum number of steps per program: 99) from the operation panel. In addition, up to five units of the same model, provided they have a GPIB or multi-channel interface card installed (one master and four slaves), can be connected with current sharing operation via the built-in control bus.
The PVD-T series power supplies are "next-generation digital power sources," that are ideal for aging, measurement, or providing control to a wide range of electronic devices.

  • Advanced soft-switching technology
  • Noise characteristics very similar to those of a series regulator
  • High voltage (600V), high-current (6kW/600A or 12kW/1200A) output
  • Fast transient response of 3ms (6-kW models only)
  • Large 6-kW capacity in low-profile (approximately 130mm in height) cabinets that can be 19-inch rack-mounted
  • 32-bit full-digital control system
  • Output sequencer supports the storing of ten programs, each of up to 99 steps
  • Efficiency of approximately 90%, which helps reduce power consumption
  • Power-factor improvement circuit produces power factor of 0.95
  • RS-232C interface equipped as standard, with GPIB available as an option
  • Analog remote control and voltage/current monitoring supported
  • Extendable up to 30kW(3000A)/60kW(6000A) with current sharing parallel operation
  • Conforms to UL, CSA, FCC, and CE standards
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