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3032B - Protek Power Supplies DC

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  • Model: 3032B
  • Manufactured by: Protek
  • Max. Voltage: 30.0V
  • Number of Outputs: Single
  • Max. Current: 3.00A
  • Extra Specifications: Dual 0 - ±30V @ 0-3 Amp Power Supply with Digital Display
  • Noise free output for servicing RF equipment
  • Energy saver design allows cooler operation at all output levels for better stability and operating life
  • Excellent line and load regulation characteristics
  • Fully isolated outputs for series or parallel operation
  • Coarse and Fine voltage controls
  • Each output has two 3 digit LED read-outs for monitoring voltage and current
  • Front Panel LEDs indicate constant voltage or constant current operation and overload condition
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