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XDL Series - 105 to 215W - Sorensen Power Supplies DC

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  • Model: XDL Series - 105 to 215W
  • Manufactured by: Sorensen
  • Max. Voltage: 56.0V
  • Number of Outputs: Triple
  • Max. Current: 5.00A
  • Extra Specifications: Precision laboratory linear DC power

The XDL is a digitally-controlled benchtop power supply delivering up to 215 watts.

The XDL Series includes the following models:

  • XDL 35-5
  • XDL 35-5P
  • XDL 35-5T
  • XDL 35-5TP
  • XDL 56-4
  • XDL 56-4P

The Sorensen XDL series represents the next generation of high performance laboratory power supplies. The XDL provides multiple ranges for increased current capability at lower voltages and uses pure linear technology. Unlike other digitally controlled units, the XDL series provides both numeric and rotary control while the illuminated keys and display legends provide instant confirmation of settings and status.

For added convenience the Sorensen XDL series provides storage of up to 10 power supply set-ups in non-volatile memory (30 set-ups for a triple). There are also fully adjustable over-voltage and over-current trips.The XDL series also provides full remote sense capability via dedicated sense terminals.

The XDL triple output model features link and copy mode for convenience. When linked, keyboard and jog wheel control operates both outputs simultaneously. The copy function copies all settings for output 1 to output 2.

  • Multiple voltage/current ranges
  • Direct numeric entry and incremental rotary control of voltage and current
  • Remote or local sense
  • Illuminated keys and display legends
  • Up to ten store/recall set-ups (30 set-ups for triple output)
  • Power output display
  • Link and copy mode
  • Bus interfaces for P SuffixÜversions
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