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5113 - Signal Recovery Preamplifiers

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  • Model: 5113
  • Manufactured by: Signal Recovery
  • High end frequency limit: 1.0MHz
  • Gain: N/A
  • Noise Figure: N/A
  • Extra Specifications: Low-Noise Voltage Preamplifier
The model 5113 is a high performance, low noise voltage preamplifier with continuously adjustable gain and optional high, low or bandpass filtering. Its input can be configured for either single-ended or true differential operation with either DC or AC coupling, and its output will deliver up to 2 V peak to peak into a 50 Ohm load. All the principal instrument controls are operated via the three front-panel rotary knobs and a back-lit LCD display shows their present settings. The instrument also includes an optically isolated bi-directional RS232 interface allowing remote operation and interrogation of all controls. Since in some experiments even the very low levels of noise generated by the internal microprocessor that supports these capabilities may cause problems, the unit includes a "sleep" function whereby every source of digital noise is turned off after a predetermined interval. When in the sleep mode the unit "wakes up" as soon as any control is adjusted and goes back to sleep when adjustment is complete.
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