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SR552 - Stanford Research Systems Preamplifiers

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  • Model: SR552
  • Manufactured by: Stanford Research Systems
  • High end frequency limit: 100.0kHz
  • Gain: N/A
  • Noise Figure: N/A
  • Extra Specifications: Voltage Preamplifier for Lock-In
The SR552 Voltage Preamplifier is designed to work with SRS lock-in amplifiers, providing gain where it is needed most—right at the experiment. The preamplifier minimizes noise and pickup in the connecting lines and can reduce measurement time in noise-limited experiments. The SR552 differs from the SR550 in its bipolar front-end design. The SR552 has a lower input noise and a correspondingly lower input impedance (100 kW vs. 100 MW) than the SR550. When used with the SR510 or SR530, the preamplifier gain is automatically set by the lock-in. When used with the SR850, SR810 or SR830, the gain is always set to 100. Power and control signals are brought from the lock-in by a 9-pin cable (included). The SR552 may also be operated independently by applying appropriate power supply voltages (±20 VDC, +5 VDC).
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