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SR554 - Stanford Research Systems Preamplifiers

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  • Model: SR554
  • Manufactured by: Stanford Research Systems
  • High end frequency limit: 40.0kHz
  • Gain: x100, x500
  • Noise Figure: 1 dB
  • Extra Specifications: Transformer Preamplifier
The SR554 is a low-noise, transformer-coupled preamplifier optimized for source impedances between 0.05 W and 1 kW. With an input noise of only 0.1 nV/ÖHz, the SR554 can be used in a wide range of low-noise applications. It is the ideal preamplifier for low-temperature synchronous detection applications where isolation between the experimental sample and the lock-in amplifier is critical. The SR554 can operate in one of two modes. In the "bypassed" mode, the instrument is simply a passive transformer with a turns ratio of 100, providing an overall voltage gain of 100. In the "non-bypassed" mode, an additional amplifier with a gain of 5 is added increasing the gain to 500 and providing a low-impedance (<1 W) output. In the bypassed mode, the SR554 requires no external power. When using the output amplifier, ±20 VDC must be supplied. The preamplifier connector on SRS lock-ins can be used to power the SR554.
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