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6149 - Aeroflex Pulse Generators

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  • Model: 6149
  • Manufactured by: Aeroflex
  • Max. V(out): 5.0V
  • Channels: n/a
  • Max. Pulse Rep. Freq.: 40.00GHz
  • Extra Specifications: Microwave 40 GHz Pulse Generator & Modulator

Low cost microwave pulse generator and modulator for simplifying the testing of early warning and radar systems. It works in conjunction with the 6204B Microwave Test Set (MTS). It allows the user to generate pulsed microwave signals.

  • 70 MHz to 40 GHz frequency range
  • Complex pulse patterns
  • 100 ns - 100 ms pulse parameters
  • External trigger function
  • Simple user interface
  • Store/Recall of pulse patterns on separate memory card
  • Up to 256 user defined pulses in a single pattern
  • Accurate RF levels
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