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AVP-AV-2-C - Avtech Electrosystems Ltd. Pulse Generators

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  • Model: AVP-AV-2-C
  • Manufactured by: Avtech Electrosystems Ltd.
  • Max. V(out): 10.0V
  • Channels: 1
  • Max. Pulse Rep. Freq.: 50.00kHz
  • Extra Specifications: Ultra High Speed Pulse Generator

The AVP series of pulse generators offer the fastest rise times available in the Avtech product line, with rise times as low as 50 ps for 2V units, and 150 ps for 40V units.

For wide-pulse applications, the AVP-AV-2 family provides output pulse widths variable from 2 to 50 ns at frequencies as high as 50 kHz. With a wide pulse option (-W) this model will operate in the output pulse width range of 20 to 500 ns. The rise time is 100 ps.

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