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AVR-GHV4-B - Avtech Electrosystems Ltd. Pulse Generators

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  • Model: AVR-GHV4-B
  • Manufactured by: Avtech Electrosystems Ltd.
  • Max. V(out): 400.0V
  • Channels: 1
  • Max. Pulse Rep. Freq.: 100.00kHz
  • Extra Specifications: High Voltage Pulser

The AVR-GHV series is specifically designed for gating and beam blanking applications requiring amplitudes up to ±500V, pulse widths from 200 ns to 0.5 sec and duty cycles as high as 80%. This series is designed to drive high impedance loads such as microchannel plates, grids and beam deflection plates.
The versatile AVR-GHV technology can be adapted to provide a wide variety of waveforms (e.g., higher voltages, dual outputs, alternating pulse polarity, capacitive loads, etc).

Model AVR-GHV4-B generates a unipolar square wave with a variable output amplitude of 0 to 400V, pulse width variable from 1 us to 0.5 seconds, and PRF variable from 1 Hz to 100 kHz. An optional dual polarity output is available.

For all models, the pulse timing may be set in terms of pulse width or duty cycle, as desired. The pulse repetition frequency is variable using the internal clock oscillator. A delay control and a sync output are provided for scope triggering purposes.

The units can also be triggered externally using a TTL-level pulse. A manual push button is provided for one-shot operation.

The output impedance of all models (i.e., the internal resistance in series with the output) is 50Ω, providing backmatching of systems that use coaxial cable on the output. This impedance will absorb transmission line reflections.

A burst mode option is also available, allowing a burst of 1-500 pulses to be generated in response to a single trigger event.

  • Adaptable technology - easily customized
  • IEEE-488.2 GPIB / RS-232 standard
  • Ethernet / Telnet control optional
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